“On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.” – Jules Renard

People often talk about heaven but only those who have got the urge and guts to tread the unexplored paths on this Earth get to experience the slice of Paradise before the inevitable end. There is more than blue sky and ferocious streams up there that can make your imagination levitate to the lofty heights of contentment. If your instincts are always pulling you towards the virgin beauty of snow-capped bare mountains then it is the perfect time to pack your rucksack and start on a trip towards the extreme north where the vista resembles a perfect canvas.

The panoramic view of the rugged summit blending with the poisonous blue sky along with the drifting cottony clouds will definitely satiate the voracious soul of a true traveller that is hidden in you. If you ever wish to spend a day in the exquisite company of nature, there is no better place than this. Why not set up a camp right beside the lake experiencing the silence of nature “outside the near neighbourhood of man?” Take time from your busy schedule to contemplate about life lost in the breath-taking view of nature. You never know when epiphany will strike you and initiate a major change as Danny Kaye says, “To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” Travelling is not only about pleasure; it is also about self- indulgence and apprehension.

Poets and authors have always drawn inspiration from nature and have gifted the world with exceptional literary pieces. Travellers are often seen penning down their experiences to motivate others because travelling not only fills one with satisfaction but knowledge. If you are creative person, use your encounter with the mountains to concoct a pristine opus. Quietude, equanimity and the irresistible pulchritude of nature together gives an Expeditioner enough reasons to explore the virgin beauty of nature till the end.

The crude winding pathways leading to the desolate places over the ridges are tough to cover but they are definitely worth it. If the unquenchable traveller in you is peeping out for more explorations, take a map, wear your supreme footgear and head for the untrodden trails now. An absolute traveller will keep on longing for more and deep inside will continue to repeat Robert Frost’s verse “But I have Promises to Keep, / And miles to go Before I sleep…”